Lock – In – Value – Now   (US Headquarters) 

We would like to welcome you to our newly redesigned website. We have made great efforts to provide you as much information as possible on the site and will continue to work aggressively to expand the essential information that you need. If you have come to this web site because you were sent here by your Bank, Real Estate Agent, Mortgage Broker or an acquaintance in the Real Estate Investing industry you may have a vague understanding about who we are.   If you have arrived here through a search engine looking for information about Real Estate Investing you are probably still trying to figure that out. Either way you found yourself here on our site, it’s important for you to know you are not going to be able to understand how we can help you by just reading the first paragraph on this homepage like a typical website.

First let’s start by letting you know that we have broken the information down by Real Estate investing industry. We have done this is to prevent from bombarding you an excessive amount of information that may not even apply to your current situation. The reason for this is because we work with many very different clients and industries.  For example we work with industries where someone is investing in Real Estate like major commercial development projects, lenders of all types and the individual home owners to name a few.  Each of which has very different circumstances and interests.  So when we are asked what  is it that our company offers, we first have to know what you do, because our reply will be quite different depending on your answer.  We recommend viewing the Industry Specific Details, this will provide you a menu of some of the main industries that we support. Here you can find the specific details that best fit your current status and situation depending on how you are investing in Real Estate.

Throughout the site you will often see reference to a “Purchase Option Guarantee” which is also referred to as (POG). We recommend viewing the What is a Purchase Option Guarantee page. This will provide you with a good quick overview.   In very brief words, a “Purchase Option Guarantee” (POG) is used to help protect property owners, investors and lenders in a variety related Real Estate investing scenarios. The primary intent and purpose is to secure and lock-in the current market value of the property, so in the event of a property market downturn, or other event the optionee(holder/beneficiary of the (POG) is protected from losing any equity or profit. The Purchase Option Guarantee (POG) contract provides a specific “agreed value” for the property, which can be exercised at your discretion during the 10 year term (can be longer or shorter if requested). If at any time in the next ten years you decide you would like to sell the property, you have the option to sell the traditional way or if you have a (POG) contract you can sell to us at the previously agreed price, whether or not you have a buyer for your property or NOT.  The purpose of the Purchase Option Guarantee contract is essentially providing a backup buyer (us) with a pre-negotiated purchase amount.  If you ever do decide to sell to us, we will purchase and close within 45 days of you giving us notice.